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Figurative Sculpture

The Ballet Dancer

Dancer (Life-size bronze)

Handstand (Life-Size)

Male Torso Medium



Ostrich Dance (Female)


Inner Tree

Untiteld Moment

Squat (Male)


Talking Heads

Yin & Yang


Gran Cavallo


Equus Somni - a collaboration with artist Jahni Wasserfall


Written by co-artist Jahni Wasserfall:

"Our chosen theme is Equus – a well known story about a conflicted young man suppressed by societies dictation of what is acceptable. He escapes from this mind-body conflict (religion/sexuality), into a different world through his interaction with horses.

A traditional bronze sculpture of a man on a horse, was our starting point - a definite recognizable image showing the interaction between man and animal. This was taken further in the next step – a second bronze sculpture in which the original image was reworked, changed and finished off by painting on the actual sculpture – thus taking it out of the expected norms for a bronze sculpture. The focus shifts from the physical, emotional and sexual (man in conflict with his animal side), to a spiritual presence. Man and horse both becomes ‘unreal’ – a horse spirit and shaman/spiritual warrior, disappearing into landscape orientated shapes. The compositional lines that breaks-up and divides the forms remind one of roads in nature or the lines and cracks one would find in a glaciated riverbed. The second sculpture breaks with convention. It creates a different mood and the opportunity to escape into an otherworldly experience."   

It ain't heavy...

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