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"Conjoined Murmurs" Solo Exhibition at Art Lovers, Pretoria 2017



Definition of conjoined

:  being, coming, or brought together so as to meet, touch, overlap, or unite conjoined heads on a coin

:  join; combine.

"an approach which conjoins theory and method"

Artist’s statement

“I had two major ideas in approaching this exhibition and pieces;

Very few people, up to now, knew that I was (am) part of a twin. My sister left this life when we were three months old… leaving within me an eternal longing that is hard to explain logically. In a way this is a homage and recognition as to that part of our conjoined history and a yearning of a sibling relationship that could have been… 

The other concept is the one of having an alter ego. Or the so-called Yin and Yang of our personalities. Most of us continuously have to battle with the negative side in us. It follows us like a shadow and adds to the rich scale of life. With too much Light we become frivolous and too Dark, we are heavy & depressed. It balances the scale of life…

And it completes us as human beings”

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