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"I do not make conceptual works - mostly my sculptures are expressionist responses to the world I live in. I find it difficult to verbally explain my creativity.

Beginning with constructing an armature, I then concentrate on composing the positive and negative shapes and forms in space - solid versus silhouette.

I arrange clay in such a way that it makes sense to me and pleases my senses - till I can "feel" the sculpture and it takes on a life of its own. I'm looking for the emotional content to manifest itself and then dialogue of sculpture begins. This connection is essential, it's a process of self discovery - an adventure into my inner self.

While I work I'm constantly looking at the composition in space as well as the tensions within the individual forms and voids and the relationships between them.

My Art is my Language and if you the viewer reaches out and touches my sculpture I feel that we have bridged my in-ability to verbally communicate.

I really love the total physical involvement in the making of a sculpture. Every time I make a sculpture I need to do a mental visualisation. 

Then I go search into my past, the experiences and all the lessons that I learned along the way. 

Using my body, the hand gestures, the deep knowledge of the materials and various tools that become an extension of my hands. 

A successful work will evoke a feeling inside the viewer and words won't be necessary."

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